Electronic Restaurant Operations Management System

The Electronic Restaurant Operations Management System is a total system that will allow restaurant owners to automate their entire restaurant operations from the ordering of food to the preparation of food, the inventory management, and back-office solutions such as daily sales report generation.

With this total solution, a restaurant owner is able to reduce his reliance on manpower, yet creating capacity for him to focus on his diners’ experiences.

Key Sub-systems

Cloud-Based POS and Electronic Menu Ordering System

Orders made by customers are sent seamlessly and instantaneously to the POS system

Recipe Management System and Kitchen Display System

Orders are sent to the Kitchen Display to display Recipes, Orders in the right sequence. Kitchen Displays can be placed on the runner tables with the orders and table numbers.

F&B Control, Electronic Inventory and Procurement System

The F&B Control is the brains of the entire system, interfacing the inventory system, the e-procurement system with the POS to allow the inventories to be automatically updated based on stock usage in recipes and orders for replenishments sent automatically if programmed.

Business Connectors to Interface Current Accounting Systems

such as Microsoft Business One, SAP, MYOB

Key Benefits

  • Saves Time and Reduces Costs
  • Through improved productivity and reduced reliance on manpower
  • Reduced operational costs to enhance their competitiveness.
  • Automatic and instant report daily reports can be done by the POS.
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  • Better control of food costs
  • Improves Business Competitiveness
  • Better Price Awareness and Spend Control
  • Enhanced Security and Corporate Governance
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  • 99.9% system reliability with trusted back-end support;
  • Enhanced security with tamper-proof electronic process
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduced Waiting Times
  • Optional – More informative Menus (with allergen and food nutrition)
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