EzyPayment v1

Hassle-free credit to enhance your cashflow.

The only payment facility that brings you quality credit at low cost. Enjoy early payment discounts while unlocking your cashflow interest-free.

Key Features
What EzyPayment can do?
What EzyPayment can do for your business
Example of a Typical Restaurant

3-outlet mid-range cuisine operator | Monthly payables: $50,000.00

Before EzyPayment

Company pays based on usual 30 days' credit terms through cheque to suppliers, with no leverage for early payment discounts.

Early Settlement Discount: N/A
Loan Service Fee: 0%
Cheque Clearing fee: $900
Total Payables per annum: $600,900
Cashflow: 30 days

After EzyPayment

Company pays to suppliers via EzyPayment, ensuring suppliers receive funds directly into their bank accounts within 5 working days, while enjoying up to 60 days' interest-free terms from the bank.

As suppliers are getting paid on “cash terms”, Company now enjoys 5% early payment discounts from suppliers.

Early Settlement Discount of 5%: ($30,000)
Business Service Fee (2%/transaction): $12,000
Transaction Clearing fee: N/A
Total Payables per annum: $582,000
Cashflow: up to 60 days
Process Flow


Tokenised virtual card is set up for a buyer and lodged in system.


Invoices are captured on platform or via integration with existing ERP or accounting system.


Select due invoices to pay.


Suppliers will receive payment within 3 to 5 working days, while buyers enjoy up to 60 days of interest-free credit.

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