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By Kelly R
08/5/20 • 11:32 AM
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PasarMente: A One-Stop E-commerce Solution for F&B Suppliers


In an attempt to curb the rise of COVID-19 cases, circuit breaker measures were implemented in Singapore from 7 April 2020 through 1 June 2020. Dine-ins continue to not be allowed until phase 2 of post-circuit breaker. Even with takeouts and delivery services available, F&B establishments have struggled to breakeven. This, in turn, results in reduced orders for supplies.

With these restrictions on dine-ins as part of social distancing measures, many have switched to cooking up meals at home instead. This shift in lifestyle explains the notable rise in shopping for groceries online. Many have replaced physical browsing of grocery store aisles with adding desired grocery goods into an online cart. In fact, groceries have become one of the most popular categories for online shopping.

Even as we ease into phase 1 of post-circuit breaker, this trend is not predicted to change. This is likely due to:

(1) Dine-ins only resuming in phase 2

(2) Consumers having tried their hand at cooking and developing a newfound appreciation for it. And maybe even having it as a hobby!                                                                                                                 

What does this mean for F&B suppliers?

For F&B suppliers, this represents an opportunity to tap into a whole new market. Until phase 2 begins and dine-ins are allowed once again, restoring previous levels of sales with F&B businesses will be challenging. Instead, directly selling to end consumers may be the key to boosting your sales once again. As more consumers become increasingly familiar with online shopping, it may be the best time to steer this trend in your favour. By expanding your market reach from just B2B to including B2C as well, your business benefits from an additional sales channel!

Selling directly to consumers may seem like a hassle, from creating your own e-commerce site to uploading product listings and pricing them. Won’t the sales volume be too low to make up for all the effort put into selling directly to consumers?

That is where the Pasarmente marketplace comes in. An initiative by SGeBIZ to help the F&B industry tide by these tough times, this e-grocery platform takes care of every aspect of your selling experience.

By elevating the visibility of suppliers’ products, Pasarmente ensures a larger consumer base. As suppliers are able to bypass retail sales channels, competitive price points can be offered. At the same time, suppliers can enjoy a rise in profit margins. This results in prices that are lower than the market average. Consumers are bound to switch to purchasing their groceries on a platform where they can get everything they need at a lower cost. With a continuously-growing consumer base, your sales revenue will experience a definite increase.

Pasarmente also guarantees an effortless experience for sellers. From product-listing down to customer service, suppliers will not need to lay a finger! Pasarmente will manage suppliers’ products listings and advertisements. Additionally, we will provide customer support and doorstep delivery for consumers. We deal directly with importers and deliver the goods in a temperature-controlled truck. This is to ensure that the quality and freshness of products are maintained. Essentially, all suppliers have to be concerned about managing their business!

While expanding your market share, Pasarmente makes time for you to focus on your business and getting by this challenging period. Take this opportunity to leverage SGeBIZ’s e-grocery platform and enjoy an additional sales channel to increase your customer base and revenue.


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