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By Kelly R
06/18/20 • 4:45 PM
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The Ultimate Solution for Supply Chain Disruptions


With COVID-19’s emergence also came a global supply chain disruption. 

Many countries have adopted export restrictions on goods such as food and medical supplies, stifling trade. 

In addition to the lull in global trade, travel has also gradually come to a standstill. Previously, goods could take advantage of passenger flights to be transported via air. Now, with almost no operating passenger flights, ships or planes have to be specially engaged to deliver goods from abroad. These disruptions to traditional transport connections have significantly raised freight costs as well. 

A PwC and Food Industry Asia survey has reported that supply disruptions are one of two biggest challenges faced by ASEAN food companies amid the pandemic. The survey also commented that the region’s food systems are highly interdependent. Disruptions at any part of it would cause a substantial ripple effect affecting all.

For trade-reliant countries like Singapore, the disconnect between supply and demand has been one of the toughest challenges. Local food distributors and wholesalers are unable to secure the right amount of stocks to meet the demand.

To combat the supply chain problem, SGeBIZ has come together with Alliance 21 to develop a cross-border solution. It will help F&B businesses to overcome supply challenges caused by the current pandemic situation.


The enhanced EzyProcure Crossborder platform will:

The following are the 6 features of the EzyProcure Crossborder platform:

  1. Self-Onboarding of Buyers and Sellers
    Superb user experience on a state-of-art new digital platform.
  2. Preserve Trust through Digital Identity
    All entities to have a track ID, supported by Mastercard®, establishing customer credibility.
  3. Compliance Monitoring Tools
    Provide users with information such as credit score, sanction screening, PEP/SPF, Adverse Media reports.
  4. Accredited Customers
    A global marketplace of 2000+ accredited Exporters of meat, poultry, eggs and vegetables (by Singapore Food Agency).
  5. Enhanced Digital Experience
    Quote, book, track capability with door-to-door fulfilment via seafreight and airfreight, includes CIQ documentation.
  6. End to End Logistics
    4PL services for port clearance, unstuffing, breakbulk, warehousing and last mile delivery in Singapore.

Joining our cross-border platform will expand your supply network, streamline your processes and reduce cross-border logistics costs.

EzyProcure is covered under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), a grant supporting enterprises who adopt digital solutions. As announced in the Supplementary Budget 2020, the maximum funding level of PSG has been raised to 80%, up from 70% previously. 

This increased support is applicable until 31 December 2020. 

Additionally, EzyProcure is having a promotional offer — enter promo code “Free3mth” to register for a FREE 90 Days trial of our solution. 

Click the registration link here:

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