EzyProcure- e- Procurement System
The Electronic Procurement System

EzyProcure is an all-in-one electronic Procurement Platform to ease the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers.

It will provide a common platform to drive business on the cloud to enable higher profitability and productivity for buyers and suppliers.

Essentially the main process include the electronic transaction of the purchase requirements, supplier enable a seamless electronic execution of supplies delivery, ordering, goods receipt and invoice generation.

Key Features

Secured Transactions

SSL with EV certificate

User-Friendly Buy Function
Approval Layers

Ensures accountability

Business Connectors

Seamlessly connect to existing systems such as accounting, inventory and ERP

Push Notifications & Email alerts through app
E-documentation & Reports

GRs, POs, Invoices and Trends

Our Solution


your buying process to reduce time spent

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e-documentation, such as invoices and POs, to reduce mistakes

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instant data exchange with your back-end ERP systems to save costs

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  • Receive notifications whenever orders or responses are sent between Buyers and Suppliers
  • Reduced mistakes by eliminating the need for manual duplication of data
  • Instantaneous Goods Receipt notification from Buyer to Supplier with Receiving My Order function
  • Reduced of man-hours required for manual data cross-checking, with the Electronic Purchase Order, Electronic Goods Receipt Function and Electronic Invoicing Function
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • 99.9% system reliability with trusted back-end support;
  • Enhanced security with tamper-proof electronic process
  • SSL-EV Certificate
  • For Buyers: Have a Wider range of Goods and Suppliers to Choose from
  • For Suppliers: Expose your product range to a wider pool of Restaurants and Retailers
  • Price your products more competitively with price trending

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