DocuMatix Pro – OCR document capture to ERPsystems

What is DocuMatix Pro ?

  • Data capture and document processing solution.
  • Transform documents to business ready data.
  • Capture data from documents, structured forms, unstructured text-heavy papers.
  • Automatic document classification.

Why DocuMatix Pro ?

  • Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Achieve fast ROI.

How It Works?

The Process

Documents can be scanned centrally or remotely, in the case of a distributed environment. They can also be automatically imported from a watched folder, FTP server or email attachments.

All images go through image enhancement including de-skewing and de-speckling.

DocuMatix Pro is enriched with intelligent classification and data extraction technologies that are easy to configure and maintain.

The system can be easily trained by inputting sample images to help theclassifier learn to identify documents and extract data automatically.As a result, DocuMatix Pro separates the mix of incoming images by document types.

Key Features

A Single Solution for All Document Types

Manual data entry is time-consuming and resource intensive. DocuMatix Pro automated data entry software helps speed up business processes.
DocuMatix Pro’s intelligent capture algorithms work with any kind of documents like invoices, registration forms, proposals, contracts and more.

Intelligent Document Recognition and Data Extraction

DocuMatix Pro uses cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies for automatic classification of documents and data extraction. The software can also be trained with sample documents to recognize patterns to provide further production-level processing.

Optimized Performance and Fault Tolerance

Advanced server-based architecture enables effective processing of large volumes of documents.

A powerful processing server handles all resource-intensive operations –performing automated task distribution among the processing stations and load balancing.

Distributed Cloud Deployment ensures consistent system operation and prevents data loss in case of system failure.

Web-based Verification

Manual verification of data processed can be done easily by simply logging into web-based data verification, greatly reducing cost and workforce utilization.

Ideal for Large Companies

Complex documentation in large companies can now be processed easily and managed in multiple languages, with support for more languages added on regular basis.

High Accuracy

DocuMatix Pro’s famous recognition and classification technologies and built-in validation rules provide exceptional data accuracy.

Barcode reading

DocuMatix Pro’s can extract you 1D/2D barcodes from your documents and assign any part of them to fields for database export, .txt report, file naming, etc.

Automated Indexing and Archiving

Data extracted are automatically indexed and archived.