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Singapore E-Business is an exciting fintech company incorporated in 2014. We believe in empowering businesses globally in the digital economy through innovative solutions, helping businesses accelerate growth through integrated payments, financing and our suite of value-added solutions. With our specialised B2B payment solutions, we solve the biggest pain point that is plaguing the industry; Cash flow
optimisation for buyers and Cash collection for suppliers. This is enabled through EzyPayments, where buyers are given up to 60 days interest free credits when payments to suppliers are triggered, while suppliers are able to receive payments due to them within 2-5 days. In addition, we are proud to be part of the government’s initiative to pilot collections via digital means as opposed to the traditional paper GIRO
setup. This is a game changer as it will allow seamless and efficient customer onboarding and payment collections to any organisation.

Underpinning the Ezypayments will include our suite of value – added solutions, which collectively is a one stop Procure-to-Pay B2B cloud-based platform that connects both buyers and suppliers seamlessly. We specialise in: 1) Procurement automation, 2) Accounts payable automation and 3) Payment automation. In this day and age, we believe that productivity is an entitlement. Our aim is to deliver productivity to the buyer and supplier relationship, enabling business to allocate more time for growth. With the massive amounts of data flowing through our platform, we also provide analytics for businesses to embrace data driven growth to make smarter decisions and access to financing.


The Enterprise & Partnership Growth team (EPG) is responsible for all partner-led projects and sales-led growth. As we are growing a new product segment in the electronic collection and payments space, we are expecting a strong sales pipeline of high-value deals with governments and enterprise clients. The EPG team identifies key clients whom we can either find product and company synergies together, or high-value clients who needs a more curated product using our core offerings. This team encompasses high energy members with high expectations in quality output for their clients. The EPG team members focuses on cross industries clients, and have end-to-end skill sets to gap identification, creation of value to clients, negotiation, building relationship and managing key stakeholders.


As we have launched the new e-collection/ e-payment solution, we are looking for a team member to join our EPG team as Business Development/ Growth Intern with the full-time/ part-time role below:


Expected skills and experience:

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