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The App for Life’s Payments

With EzyPayment, start earning cashback, miles, and points on virtually any payment. Use the money you already spend on life's essentials to fund your next adventure.


Pay any bill, anytime - anywhere

Supplier Invoices
School Fees
Condo MCST Fees
Supplier Invoices
School Fees
Condo MCST Fees
Utilities Bills
Utilities Bills
Car Loan
Gym Membership
Health & Wellness
Car Loan
Gym Membership
Health & Wellness
and many more…

Why EzyPayment Is the Smarter Way To Pay

Better Cash Flow

Extend your cash outflow due date by up to 60 days while paying on time

Easily Manage Payables

Manage all your payables easily by scheduling your recurring and bulk payments.

Maximise Card Rewards

Keep earning cashback, miles and points on your credit cards with EzyPayment. Subject to your card providers.

Gain Financial Insights

Get clear visibility, and better track your financials with a comprehensive dashboard.

Features That Businesses Love

Manage Multiple Cards

Lodge and pay from your cards
on 1 single platform

Same-Day Payments

Pay your bills on time.

Schedule Payments

Never forget to pay your bills.

Bulk Payments

Pay multiple bills in one click

Summary Reports

Transaction reports for easy viewing

Detailed Dashboard

Track all your expenses easily
with reporting features

How EzyPayment works

1. Set up card and payment

Add your credit card and recipient information. Upload invoices and pay. You can pay anyone, even if they are not a card-accepting merchant or are not using EzyPayment.

2. Recipient gets paid via bank transfer

Depending on the payment speed you have chosen, your recipient can receive the funds via bank transfer as fast as 15 minutes.

3. Enjoy card benefits

Extend your cash outflow date by up to 60 days, interest-free when you pay with your credit card. Maximise your working capital and earn rewards like cashback and miles on your card.

Transact Securely on EzyPayment

Major Payment Institution license
approved by the Monetary
Authority of Singapore

PCI DSS Compliant, the
highest security standards
for card payments

Funds received in a
secured trust account

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