Order Management

All-in-one procurement platform

Boost the productivity of your procurement teams by 70% with digitised workflows connecting buyers and suppliers and seamless integration with backend systems.

Receive up to 50% government subsidy when you use EzyProcure.


Additional Savings

Reduce manpower costs by improving
operational efficiency

Automated Process Flow

Digitised end-to-end platform from purchase order generation to goods receiving, invoice reconciliation and back-end ERP integration

Detailed Analytics

Access real-time reports for visibility into spending needs and demand forecast


Item Cataloging and
Price Management Tool

Manage available items and send notifications on negotiated price updates

AI-Driven Optical
Character Recognition

Ability to read paper invoices and pick up data discrepancies, facilitating automated reconciliation.

Data Portability

Receive data into your back-end accounting and ERP platforms via SFTP/API.

Management Tools

Closed-loop environment with pre-approved suppliers, access control rights, approval matrix and budget control.

Business Summary

Detailed analytics of procurement data, sense-made into food cost data, goods receiving data and many more, for smarter decision making.

Add ons you’ll love


Enjoy a seamless flow of data with our digital inventory management platform and get real-time stock management and more.


Manage and standardise recipes through a centralised recipe management platform plus an accurate calculation of the cost of ingredients and recommended selling price


Automate accounts payable and reconciliation processes, plus enjoy additional interest-free credit to improve cash flow.

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