Hassle-free credit to enhance your cashflow.

The only payment facility that brings you quality credit at low cost. Enjoy early payment discounts while unlocking your cashflow interest-free.

Key Features
What EzyPayment can do?
What EzyPayment can do for your business
Example of a Typical Restaurant

3-outlet mid-range cuisine operator | Monthly payables: $50,000.00

Before EzyPayment

Company pays up based on usual 30 days terms through cheque to suppliers, with no leverage for early payment discounts.

Early Settlement Discount: N/A
Loan Service Fee: 0.00%
Cheque Clearing fee: $900.00
Total Payables per annum: $600,900.00
Cash-flow: 30 days

After EzyPayment

Company pays to suppliers via EzyPayment, ensuring suppliers receive funds within 5 days while enjoying 60 days terms from the bank.

As suppliers are getting paid on “cash terms”, Company now enjoys 3% early payment discounts from suppliers.

Early Settlement Discount of 5%: ($30,000.00)
Business Service Fee (2% / transaction): $12,000.00
Transaction Clearing fee: N/A
Total Payables per annum: $558,000.00
Cash-flow: 60 days
$42,900.00 / ANNUM
Process Flow


Tokenised virtual card is set up for buyer and lodged in system.


Invoices are captured on platform or via integration with existing accounting system or ERP.


Select due to invoices and pay.


Suppliers will receive payment within 2-5 days, while buyers enjoy up to 60 days interest-free credit.

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