Who is eligible for the grant?

Any SME is eligible as long as the following 3 criteria is met:

  1. 30% Local Shareholding
  2. Less than 100 million in annual turnover
  3. Less than 200 employees

Who can apply for the grant?

Only the designated CORPPASS holder can apply for the grant.

What documents do I need?

  1. Registered Company ACRA
  2. Latest 3 years Audited Company Financials

How to apply for the grant?

Please see attached screen-flow for a step-by-step guide.

Why do you need this solution?

EzyProcure is a system that would allow my company to shift our current manual ordering processes to electronic means, and significantly improve the companies productivity by removing many timeconsuming manual processes thus enhancing our competitiveness by enhancing their productivity and lowering their business operating costs. Usage will be daily.

Describe how the solution will change the way you do things?

EzyProcure streamlines our current manual procurement work process thus increasing productivity significantly. We will use EzyProcure to perform electronic ordering, PO generation, goods receiving and invoicing. It will saves significant man hours and ensures accountability, awareness and security.

What task will be more efficient with the new solution?

Ordering, Good Receiving and AP Reconcilation

How much more efficient do you expect this task to be?

50 to 80%